The Delta Alpha chapter takes its academics very seriously. Our members are required to have a minimum GPA to join ZTA as well as remain in good standing for our current members. Our Academic Achievement Chair is responsible for helping our sisters succeed and overseeing our academic programming. This includes required amounts of study hours per week, if needed, which are overseen by a member of our Executive Council. Our members are always encouraged to attend their professor's office hours for help as well. Our campus provides additional resources for academic success, such as free tutoring and numerous study spaces with flexible hours to fit everyone's busy schedules. A perk of being in ZTA is finding sisters with your same major, making study buddies easy to find. Studying is always more fun with your sisters!

Additionally, many of our members have been awarded scholarships for their academics, most recently through the Greater Long Beach Community Foundation, our school's Panhellenic Council, and some even given by Zeta Tau Alpha on a national level as well. 



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