Recruitment Information

Stay tuned for information on Fall 2020 recruitment!

Why Go ZTA?

• For sisterhood that lasts a lifetime!
• Gives members a home away from home
• Leadership development
• Scholarship opportunities
• Opportunities to serve others by giving back to the community
• Fun social experiences
• Personal Growth

College can be a scary transitional time for any woman. If you're looking to join the best sorority at CSULB, you'll want to find the place where you feel at home. As Zetas, we are looking for new sisters who to build their leadership, social experiences, and find a place to belong. Zeta allows you to grow and develop personal as well as leadership skills, and you will also feel a sense of pride by giving back to the community and being a part of something bigger than yourself. Getting involved in fun social experiences, you will create memories and friendships that will last forever. College may be only four years, but ZTA is forever!

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